Skills are the main way of combat in Greyfall. They come in form of pieces that the player can equip in his crest to get access to them. They are divided in three main categories and can be mixed in the way most fits the player to create unique character builds.

Strength skills

Smash: Strike with a sweep attack to deal physical damage to all enemies hit. Restores focus, heals the player and increases his maximum HP.
Ravage: Strike an enemy to deal physical damage. The lower the target’s current HP is, the higher is the damage it takes.
Dismember: Tear apart an enemy to deal physical damage and cause a bleeding that deals physical damage over time. The enemy is also slowed.
Whirlwind: Spin with your weapon to deal physical damage to all enemies around you. You can move through enemies while channeling but you move slower.
Rampant Charge: Charge a distance to the direction you are facing, knocking back and stunning all enemies in your path.
Berserker Frenzy: Increases your critical hit chance and weapon damage.
Bloody Frenzy (passive): Killing an enemy increases your movement speed temporary.
Guardian Angel (passive): Upon taking fatal damage, you become invulnerable and restore all your HP.

Agility skills

Barrage: Shoot a volley of 5 arrows to deal physical damage with each one. Restores focus on hit and has a small chance to cast the skill Rain of Arrows.
Headshot: Fire a shot to the enemy’s head to deal physical damage. The lower the target’s current HP is, the higher damage it takes.
Explosive Barrel: Throw an explosive barrel to knock back enemies in an area and deal physical damage to them.
Rain of Arrows: For the duration of the skill, waves of arrows fall from above dealing physical damage to all enemies in the area of effect.
Shadow Walk: Dash forward a short distance. You are invulnerable while dashing.
Infuse Fire: The following seconds your attacks burn enemies, dealing extra damage over time as magic damage.
Poison Touch (passive): Your attacks deal additional magic damage over time proportional to the max HP of the enemy. Every attack hit refreshes its duration.

Intellect skills

Frost Shard: Launch a piercing shard of ice in a straight line, dealing magic damage to all enemies in its path. Restores focus for each enemy hit.
Freezing Nova: After a short delay, blasts enemies with an explosion of ice, dealing magic damage to all enemies affected and additional magic damage to the main target. If the main target’s current HP is low, it takes additional magic damage.
Frostbite: Impale enemies around you with frozen stakes, dealing magic damage and immobilizing them. Restores focus for every enemy hit.
Chilling Mist: Invoke a chilling area that deals magic damage and slows every enemy inside. Its effect is not cumulative.
Blink: Teleport away a short distance ignoring obstacles. Every cast of this skill increases its focus cost for the following seconds.
Mystic Protection: Surround yourself with a mystic energy shield that absorbs all incoming damage.
Deep Chill (passive): Every time you damage an enemy, you apply a stack of Chill that slows enemies. The next damage taken from you by an enemy with the limit of stacks of Chill, triggers Chilling Shock, dealing magic damage in an area around it.